December 13, 2022

Odeeo Launches First In-Game Audio Ads Adapter for MAX

To boost in-game audio, this adapter ensures smooth adoption of Odeeo's solution, letting developers tap into growing audio demand from advertisers.

We’re thrilled to launch the world’s first in-game audio advertising adapter for MAX, AppLovin’s in-app mediation platform.

As part of our mission to grow the in-game audio economy, this adapter is the first step to enable frictionless adoption of Odeeo’s in-play solution and allow developers to access booming audio demand coming from brand advertisers.

What is a custom adapter?

If you use MAX for mediation in your game or app, this means that you can now take advantage of Odeeo’s audio demand in your banner placements. By adding our network to your pool of available networks in MAX, you will now be able to boost the fill rate and CPM of your current banner units, and also include audio ads within the mix of static banners.

The custom adapter is a drag-and-drop integration that does not require any code addition to the app, and is completely done via your existing MAX waterfall for banners.

Why add audio to your banner placements?

  • Generate a 5x higher eCPM on your average static banner eCPM by adding audio-banners to your mediation mix
  • Add audio via a simple drag-and-drop integration, without adding any code. Simply add a new custom network to your MAX waterfall. 
  • Add pure incremental revenue without sacrificing retention or changing your current ad placements
  • Monetize gameplay with attractive eCPMs and not just game breaks. Audio banners allow you to boost CPMs and ARPDAU also for placements that appear during the user’s play time, not only on full-page placements that are not within the game flow.

Getting started with Odeeo is easy

Once we create an account for you and set up the relevant apps, you can add Odeeo to your banner waterfall in 2 easy steps:

  1. Add the Odeeo SDK files into your project – simple drag-and-drop. No lines of code needed!
  2. Add Odeeo as a custom network in your MAX account and select it as a network entry in your banner waterfall

Audio ads will now be available via your banner placement for significantly higher CPMs. 

Don’t want an audio ad to be played more than once every two minutes? No problem! We also offer an easy frequency capping of the ads to make sure your mix of audio and static banner ads is kept based on your needs. 

We are very excited to launch this first-of-its-kind feature which will allow all MAX’s developers to seamlessly boost their banner ads. If you are a MAX mediation client and interested in adding audio demand to your mix – contact us for more details!

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