February 1, 2024

Unveiling Odeeo SDK 3.0: The Next Frontier in Ad Integration

Elevate in-game audio ads with Odeeo's new SDK. Effortless integration, real-time insights, and multiple placements for premium experiences.

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Odeeo SDK 3.0.0, a game-changing leap forward in ad integration for developers. This release is not just an update; it's a meticulously crafted solution that sets new standards for ease of integration, richness of traffic and data collection, efficiency, and reliability in the audio space. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the key features and improvements that make Odeeo SDK 3.0.0 your ultimate toolkit for maximizing audio ad revenue in the easiest and most effective way. Let’s hit play and dive into details!

Next-Level Revenue Generators and Optimization Tools

Experiment With All Audio Ad Flows

SDK 3.0.0 allows you to combine any of our ad units in your app. Experiment with both system-initiated and rewarded audio ads in your game flow for maximum revenue.

Multiple Placements, Unlimited Possibilities

Create multiple placements for each app and watch your revenue soar. Each placement operates independently, ensuring a seamless ad experience. And guess what? A/B testing between placements is now a built-in feature for data-driven decisions.

Real-Time Insights, Real-Time Revenue

Stay in the driver's seat with our extensive list of supported callbacks. From availability changes to impressions and showing failed events, get real-time insights for data-driven decision.

Streamlined Integration, Automatic Updates

Public Libraries - Maven and Cocoapods

Simplify integration and updates with externalized libraries. SDK 3.0.0 no longer contains Odeeo libraries but provides links to public libraries via Maven for Android and Cocoapods for iOS. Enjoy automatic updates without code changes.

Clear Error Messages, Smooth Integration

We've heard you! Say hello to clear error messages during integration. No more guessing games—resolve issues swiftly and keep your development flow uninterrupted.

Server Configurations for the Win

Wave goodbye to constant code updates for minor changes. Odeeo SDK 3.0.0 empowers you with extensive server configurations, allowing quick adjustments without touching your code. Efficiency without the headache!

Explore an Exceptional Demo App
Explore our SDK's latest update, featuring brand-new, clear, and beautifully designed demo scenes. Easily visualize how our ads look and sound, empowering developers to effortlessly choose the perfect ad unit for their needs.

What's Next?

Do you have questions, or are you eager to explore the potential of in-game audio for boosting your revenue? Reach out to your Odeeo customer success partner or us at sales@odeeo.io. 🚀🎮

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