October 14, 2021

Hear Us at Deconstructor of Fun Podcast

Odeeo's CEO Amit Monheit joins Deconstructor of Fun with Eric Seufert and Michail Katkoff, exploring audio ads, hypercasual, post-IDFA, and Odeeo's impact.

All About Odeeo!

Our Co-Founder & CEO Amit Monheit was on the latest episode of the Deconstructor of Fun podcast as a part of their growth triggers segment.

Hosted by the legendary Michail Katkoff alongside superstar Eric Seufert they talked about all aspects of audio advertising, hyper-growth of ad-based mobile games, monetization in the post IDFA era, and of course Odeeo’s journey and what the future holds for us!

Tune in and listen to the podcast right below or go to the Deconstructor of Fun website, and while you are there, don’t forget to check other fantastic episodes!

You already done? Read our article Changing The Game For Hyper-Casual Monetization, and learn more about how Odeeo’s In-game audio advertising solution boosted Gamejam’s ARPDAU by 15%. Or you can simply give us a heads up and we’d gladly show you what in-game audio advertising can do for you?

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