September 28, 2023

Sonic Spotlight: Exploring Dentsu's Attention Economy Research

Dive into Dentsu's Attention Economy Team's groundbreaking research, uncovering the influential power of audio ads in capturing consumer attention.

In an era dominated by visual stimuli, the profound impact of audio advertising often goes under-appreciated. Pioneering research from Dentsu's Attention Economy team has shattered the misconception that visual cues are the sole avenue to capture consumers' attention. Audio advertising has emerged as a potent and reliable format, and this is particularly relevant to the ever-expanding gaming industry, where integrating audio advertising can give you a competitive edge and elevate the gaming experience.

The Triumph of Audio Advertising: Research Findings

The research conducted in collaboration with six leading audio publishers, namely Audacy, iHeartMedia, Pandora, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, and Triton Digital, in an effort to investigate the attention and efficacy of audio advertising. The study employed cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to measure the brain activity of over 100 participants, exposing them to audio, TV, and digital advertisements across various categories.

The results were resoundingly clear: audio advertisements outperformed their TV and digital counterparts in terms of attention, engagement, emotional resonance, and memory encoding. Here are some key data points that highlight the prowess of audio advertising:

Exceptional Attention: Audio advertising commands an impressive 10,126 attentive seconds per thousand impressions, surpassing the average ad platform by a remarkable 56%.

Strong Brand Recall: Audio ads achieved an outstanding 41% brand recall rate, outstripping the 38% norm observed for other ad formats.

Positive Impact on Brand Choice: Audio ads wield a substantial 10% positive influence on brand choice metrics, far exceeding the 6% norm for other ads.

These findings illuminate the fact that audio advertising is not merely a means of reaching your target audience; it is a potent tool for creating enduring impressions and influencing consumer behavior.

Audio Advertising in the Gaming Industry: A Competitive Edge

This newfound understanding presents a golden opportunity for the gaming industry. Beyond Dentsu's research, recent data from the 2023 Programmatic Audio Report by GroupM and IAB Europe underscores a significant trend in Mobile Audio. The data reveals that mobile devices are emerging as an essential platform for audio advertising, and found that7 out of 10 marketers foresee a surge in audio ads on smartphones. This trend is a prime chance for brands to connect with their audiences all day long, capitalizing on users' frequent mobile interactions."

By seamlessly integrating audio advertising into games, marketers can craft an immersive experience that enhances the quality and appeal of their products. Moreover, they can harness the data and insights garnered from audio platforms to deliver personalized, tailored advertisements that resonate with game players' preferences and interests.

Perhaps most notably, audio advertising allows publishers to monetize games without compromising their integrity or user experience. It operates unobtrusively and respects gamers' time and attention, enriching their gaming experience rather than interrupting it.

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