December 20, 2023

Otonal and Odeeo Partner to Bring In-Game Audio Ads to Japan’s 70 Million Mobile Gamers

Innovative collaboration brings new format to market with the world’s largest in-game solution

Otonal Inc., a leading Japanese audio advertising specialist agency, has launched a new specialty product called GainAds to bring audio ads into mobile games with the support of Odeeo, the world’s leading in-game audio advertising platform with almost a thousand titles integrated.

Japan is the third-biggest market in the world for video games, with 65% of mobile gamers playing once a day and 92% of mobile gamers playing at least once a week. Through the introduction of GainAds, Otonal will enable advertisers in Japan to access one of the most highly-engaged audiences in a brand new way.

By leveraging Odeeo’s in-game solution, Otonal provides advertisers with a fully viewable, clickable, high-engagement audio unit that delivers performance significantly above podcast and streaming audio advertising. Most importantly, Odeeo’s ad units do not interrupt gameplay, creating a better ad experience for players than other ad formats, and give advertisers access to a host of transparent measurement metrics to measure impact.

We’re thrilled to partner with Otonal, one of the leaders in the Japanese audio advertising market. Japan is one of the most unique and advanced gaming markets, and this collaboration enables Odeeo to connect advertisers with some of the most sophisticated players in the world. 

Amit Monheit, CEO of Odeeo.

We are pleased to bring Odeeo's in-game advertising solution to the Japanese market. Gaming is a popular medium of entertainment consumption, and while video and banner ads have been utilized previously, in-game audio advertising is an untapped market in Japan. As part of our mission to create the audio advertising market in Japan, we feel it is important to bring audio advertising to games. We will continue to provide our advertising partners with services to target specific niches through the power of audio. 

Taisuke Yagi, CEO of Otonal.

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