March 18, 2024

Revolutionizing In-Game Audio Monetization with the Odeeo Portal

Introducing Odeeo Portal: Revolutionizing in-game audio monetization with control, analytics, and innovation. Empowering publishers for maximum revenue.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Odeeo Portal, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the landscape of in-game audio monetization. The Odeeo Portal represents a transformative leap forward, by streamlining management, opening doors to previously untapped revenue streams, and empowering you to take control of your monetization like never before.

But how does it actually work? What inspired its development, and what specific benefits does it offer publishers? To dive deeper, we sat down with Tal Gabriel, our exceptional Product Manager, and asked her five key questions:

What sparked the idea for the Odeeo Portal? What were the guiding principles behind its development?

The idea for the Odeeo Portal was born out of a desire to revolutionize the audio monetization process for publishers. We saw an opportunity to create a platform that not only simplifies the monetization process but also provides publishers with powerful tools to optimize their revenue streams.

The guiding principles behind its development were simplicity, efficiency, and innovation. We wanted to create a platform that is easy to use yet packed with advanced features to help publishers maximize their earnings.

What were the biggest challenges publishers faced with in-game audio monetization? How does the Odeeo Portal address these issues?

Publishers face significant challenges with in-game audio monetization, including limited control over ad placements, inefficient monetization strategies, and lack of transparency in ad performance.

The Odeeo Portal addresses these issues by offering publishers full control over their ad placements, advanced targeting options, and detailed analytics to track the performance in real time. This empowers publishers to optimize their monetization strategy and maximize their revenue potential.

Beyond self-service features, how does the Odeeo Portal empower publishers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their monetization strategy?

The Odeeo Portal empowers publishers to make data-driven decisions by providing comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. They can track key metrics such as Impressions, Revenue, and Engagement Rate, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their audience, inventory, and ad performance. This enables publishers to optimize their placements and ultimately increase their revenue from audio ads.

Early testers have experienced the Odeeo Portal firsthand. What are some of the key benefits they've highlighted?

During the early testing phase, users highlighted several key benefits of using the Odeeo Portal, including greater control over their monetization strategy and, as a result, improved ad performance. They also praised the Odeeo Portal for its user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, and customizable ad placements, which have helped them improve their overall monetization strategy.

Here is one of the feedback we’ve got from the Business Development Executive at Puzzle Studio, Thoa Hua:

“The interface appears bright and user-friendly, very impressive. We can monitor the necessary metrics on your portal by utilizing useful dimensions and filters. We can also compare monetization metrics quickly and clearly. What I appreciate the most is its significant support in switching placement modes between 'test' and 'production.

Looking ahead, how will the Odeeo Portal continue to evolve and shape the future of in-game audio advertising?

Looking ahead, we plan to introduce new features and capabilities that will further enhance publisher’s ability to monetize their games effectively. This includes expanding our targeting options, improving analytics tools, and integrating more demand resources into our system to provide publishers with more ways to monetize their games.

Overall, we are committed to driving innovation in in-game audio advertising and helping publishers maximize their revenue potential.💪

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