March 24, 2023

Odeeo's Amit Monheit on Boosting Game Revenue and LTV with Audio Ads - Interview

Odeeo's CEO and co-founder talks at PGC London 2023 about how the company's audio ads delivered 5-15% incremental ARPDAU uplifts to studios Superfine (previously Gamejam Co) and TapNation

Odeeo's CEO Amit Monheit recently spoke at PGC London 2023 about the company's success in delivering incremental ARPDAU uplifts to studios Superfine and TapNation through in-game audio advertising. Monheit emphasized that in-game audio advertising is an ideal solution for mobile gaming, as it allows players more control over their ad experience while increasing brand awareness.

Amit also discusses in-game audio advertising has the potential to be "huge within the next three or four years." As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow, so too makes the demand for innovative and effective advertising solutions. Odeeo's audio ads have proven to be a powerful tool for increasing revenue and LTV for game studios, providing a seamless and non-intrusive ad experience for players.

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