July 3, 2024

How Gamers Are Shaping the Future of Advertising

Discover how gamers are transforming advertising with insights from 'The Many Ways We Play' report. Learn about in-game audio ads and key gamer segments.

Gamers are taking the world by storm, and the numbers don't lie. The gaming industry is raking in over $184 billion annually, making it a powerhouse in the global economy. No wonder brands are seeing the value in connecting with this vibrant community.

Gaming isn't a one-size-fits-all activity. It's a diverse universe with countless games and an even more varied audience. To better understand today’s gamers, Activision Blizzard Media surveyed over 10,000 players for their latest report, "The Many Ways We Play: A New View of Game Players." They looked at how often people play, their gaming history, favorite platforms, and why they game. This deep dive helped identify six unique gamer segments, mainly split into two groups: multiplatform players and mobile-centric players.

Mobile Gaming: The King of Platforms

According to the study, mobile games are the heart of the gaming ecosystem. They attract a wide and diverse crowd, with players of all ages. These gamers are not newbies—they know their stuff. This makes mobile gaming a prime opportunity for advertisers to engage with a highly skilled and attentive audience.

By creating targeted, innovative ad formats like in-game audio ads, brands can meaningfully engage with these experienced users. In-game audio ads blend seamlessly into the gaming experience, keeping players happy while effectively delivering your message. Since mobile games fit seamlessly into daily life, ads can do the same, blending in naturally and boosting brand visibility and conversions.

Key Groups within Mobile-Centric Players:

The Gaming Veterans

  • Gaming Experience: 21 years on average
  • Age: Around 50 years old
  • Playstyle: These seasoned pros mostly play on their phones, often solo, using games to unwind and have fun. But don't be fooled—they also dive into PC and console gaming regularly.

The Late Adopters

  • Gaming Experience: 6.5 years on average
  • Age: About 51 years old
  • Playstyle: These gamers picked up gaming later in life and stick mainly to mobile. They play to relax and pass the time, with many playing daily despite spending less time gaming than others.

The Casual Connectors

  • Gaming Experience: 12 years on average
  • Age: Around 41 years old
  • Playstyle: Social butterflies of the gaming world! They love using games to connect with others. Mobile is their main platform, but they also dabble in console gaming more than other mobile-focused groups.

Smart Advertising for Savvy Gamers

Mobile gaming is the great unifier. Almost everyone in the survey plays games on their phone at least once a week, showing how universal mobile gaming has become. Puzzle and casual games are particularly popular, capturing the hearts of gamers across all segments. To really connect with these gamers, brands need to understand what makes them tick.

While everyone loves rewards from ads, interruptions are a big no-no. This is where in-game audio ads come into play. They deliver your message without disrupting the visual experience, allowing players to stay focused on their game. By maintaining a subtle presence, brands can enhance the gaming experience rather than interrupting it. This approach can significantly boost engagement and conversion rates, as ads are integrated naturally into the flow of the game.

By acknowledging the diverse attitudes gamers have towards ads, brands can create campaigns that resonate deeply with various gamer groups.

The Next Frontier in Advertising

Whether they see themselves as gamers or just love playing games across multiple platforms, one thing is clear: gamers appreciate ads that fit smoothly into their gaming experience. To make the most of this massive market, advertisers need to tailor their strategies to the unique traits of each gamer segment. As gaming continues to evolve, so should our ways of engaging with this dynamic audience.

Mobile gaming's widespread appeal and gamers' shared love for immersive experiences provide a solid foundation for crafting effective and inclusive ad campaigns. Incorporating innovative formats like in-game audio ads can elevate these campaigns, ensuring that brands connect with gamers in the most engaging and enjoyable way possible.

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