October 24, 2023

So You’re Looking to Get Started with In-Game Advertising

Discover the power of in-game audio ads and the steps to get started for advertisers of all sizes.

In-Game Audio Ads may be a new format, but they build on proven tactics from the past decade of digital advertising. Mobile gaming has proven to be a consistently successful channel for advertisers, and continues to reach mass audiences - 90 billion mobile games were downloaded last year alone, according to data.ai. Audio advertising has demonstrated consistent returns for advertisers, with recent studies showing significant brand lift and impact coming from digital audio campaigns - even compared to the other ad formats, according to the latest research by Dentsu.

So maybe you’ve come across an audio ad in a mobile game, or you’ve come across some of the success stories we’ve generated with our advertising partners here at Odeeo, and you’re wondering how to get started? Maybe you’re worried that the initial investment is too high, or you don’t already have audio creative to use. Don’t worry; in this blog, we’ll break down the easy steps to get started with in-game audio for advertisers of all sizes.

In-Game Audio: Combining the Magic of Audio with the Science of Action

As with any ad campaign, the most important decision you have to make is to define your goal - what is your campaign trying to accomplish? Are you trying to raise awareness of a new product, drive customers to your store, or get new users to sign up for your service?

One unique benefit of in-game audio - distinct from advertising during podcasts or in between songs on a streaming music platform - is that players are engaged and have their eyes on the screen while they’re listening to your ad. So if you have a call-to-action, like a click-through, you can see significantly better results than either audio or display ads on their own. 

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Get the Voice Right Before You Get on the Megaphone

You don’t need to spend tons of money on jingles or famous voices to get started with memorable audio campaigns. 

There are two very simple keys to success to keep in mind when creating your first audio campaigns:

  1. Make it clear - get right to the “why” your audience should care, and what action you want them to take. 

  2. Make it quick - regardless of what medium you’re using, audiences have short attention spans. We’ve found that ads around 15 seconds in length - with a maximum acceptable length of 30 seconds - are most effective for driving results.



When creating audio ads, it's crucial to consider key elements that can make your ad more effective. A recent study by Pandora has revealed some valuable insights into what constitutes an optimal audio ad. One notable finding is that the first few seconds of an audio ad are critical. Mentioning your brand name within the initial three seconds of your ad can significantly enhance ad recall. In today's world of short attention spans, brevity is also key. Short-form audio ads, around 15 seconds in length, have proven to be most effective in capturing listeners' attention and driving results. So, when crafting your audio campaign, focus on clarity and conciseness to make a lasting impact.

Many of the partners we will talk about in the next section offer a range of ad creation tools, from scriptwriting to sourcing voice talent or creating the ads with emerging AI technologies. 

It’s Showtime! How to Activate Your Campaigns With Partners

There are many ways to get your campaigns live, and the right one for you will depend on your internal resources, how much external support you want, and your level of ad investment.

If you’re looking for a full-service partner, or already work with a large media agency, companies like DAX in the US and UK or AnyEver in Germany can provide comprehensive audio strategy and guidance around creative. Companies like these are proven audio experts with a range of successes across different industries and size clients. 

If you’re looking to get started with self-service options, especially if you want to test with smaller budgets, platforms like AudioGo make it easy to get started in the digital audio advertising ecosystem. These platforms also include affordable self-serve ad creation options.

You’ve Gone Live! Now What?

While reporting will vary depending on whether you’re working through an agency, directly with a partner or through a self-serve platform, you will start to see performance results quickly after launch. If you’re using analytics tools and click-trackers, you’ll be able to follow the consumers who have been exposed to your ad and clicked through on their journey through their post-click activity.

Are you curious about the potential of in-game audio advertising? Discover how Telco and Fitness advertisers have harnessed its power for their campaigns. Ready to dive in? Reach out to us today for a seamless start!

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