March 11, 2024

Hitting Play on the Future: Programmatic Audio's Rise

Explore the dynamic landscape of in-game audio advertising, its programmatic evolution, and the promising future it holds for game developers and advertisers.

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, two forces are orchestrating a symphony of change: in-game audio advertising and the shift of audio advertising spend toward programmatic buying. Imagine a world where brands integrate into the gaming universe, not as intrusive ads but as integral components of the player's experience - all with the efficiency of programmatic buying. This is not just the future—it's a present reality that is reshaping how we perceive and engage with audio advertising.

Learning from the Past: A Journey through Programmatic Audio

Drawing insights from the evolution of programmatic display and video, where a recent ANA transparency study found that 23% of ad spend is wasted, we know that an optimized supply path, transparency, and measurement are essential to the integrity of a programmatic ecosystem. As Amit Monheit, CEO of Odeeo aptly puts it in a recent article, the journey involves understanding the audio category as a whole, optimizing the supply chain, ensuring transparency, and leveraging the cost-effectiveness of audio as a versatile medium.

In-Game Audio Advertising: A Symphony of Opportunities

At the heart of this technological convergence lies in-game audio advertising, a realm where user-centric monetization for game developers meets a brand-safe haven for advertisers. According to a report, Australians aged 10 and above are listening to more commercial radio year on year, averaging 13 hours and 10 minutes per week. This immersive experience provides a unique opportunity to engage users in a way that transcends traditional advertising formats. It's not just an ad; it's an integral part of the gaming experience, creating an environment where brands can authentically connect with their audience.

Programmatic Audio: The Catalyst for Change

At the forefront of this revolution is programmatic audio, a game-changer that allows advertisers to optimize their spend based on outcomes across various audio channels. According to a recent article by AdExchanger, an ad frequency cap of two or three exposures per program can positively impact brand recognition and purchase intent. No longer limited to fixed CPMs and individual platforms, advertisers can now unlock greater value and access larger audiences through a strategic, format-agnostic approach.

Odeeo: Pioneering the Future

In this era of possibilities, companies like Odeeo are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of in-game audio advertising. By harnessing the world's most advanced in-game audio advertising technologies, Odeeo is driving innovation that benefits both game developers and advertisers. According to IAB Australia’s Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER), digital audio advertising spending in Australia jumped 16.2% to $68 million for the September quarter in 2023. Through a commitment to transparency, supply chain optimization, and a dedicated audio strategy, Odeeo is contributing to the establishment of higher-quality best practices in the industry.

Embracing the Future Today

As we step into the future of in-game audio advertising and programmatic audio, the key lies in embracing change and staying ahead of the curve. The industry is evolving, and with the right technologies and strategies, brands can create meaningful connections with their audience in the gaming universe.

The bright future of audio advertising is unfolding before us, and by understanding the past, leveraging current technologies, and embracing innovation, we're not just witnessing change – we're driving it.

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