December 12, 2023

How Mobile Games Boost Mental Well-Being

Dive into the transformative potential of mobile gaming with Skillprint's remarkable study on cognitive and psychological benefits.

In a world where concerns about the potential negative effects of gaming often receive the bulk of attention, it's crucial to explore the reasons people play games and the impact they have on our psychological well-being. To this end, Skillprint's State of Mobile Games: Cognitive and Psychological Benefits delves into the intricate relationship between personality, game genre preferences, and gamer motivations. 

Let's take a look at two important conclusions from the study, which paint a nuanced picture about the benefits of gaming for our psychological well-being.

Personality Traits and Gaming Preferences

Contrary to common stereotypes, gaming isn't just a pastime; it's a cognitive powerhouse. Skillprint's study engaged nearly 500 participants, utilizing the Big 5 Inventory personality test to unravel the threads of Conscientiousness, Openness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotionality. Paired with gaming habits, preferences, and motivations, the study unveils a roadmap, exploring the impact of 28 mobile games on mood and personality.

Personality Traits

The study brings to light the intriguing connections between personality traits and gaming preferences. Extroverts lean towards social connections, conscientious individuals prefer solo experiences, and younger players crave challenges and focused gaming experiences. These findings underline how individual differences shape gaming motivations.

Emotional Impact

For a selection of 28 mobile games, Skillprint collected data from a random subset of ~50 participants from the larger study, analyzing baseline mood (before playing the game) and the change in mood after the session, as well as looking for the impact of personality traits. Participants also evaluated each game on six characteristics: fun, engaging, challenging, boring, frustrating, and confusing. Notably, the findings indicate that mobile games have the potential to enhance mental well-being, with particular emphasis on the substantial benefits observed in creativity, determination, and focus.

Evaluating Games Mood Effects

Charting the Course Ahead

Navigating the future landscape of gaming, it becomes evident that mobile games extend beyond mere entertainment—they wield the potential to positively influence our mood and mental well-being. The stars of this digital realm are creativity, determination, and focus, showcasing the profound impact games can have on cognitive and psychological realms. As we journey into this enriched gaming experience, it's crucial for advertisers to recognize the unique opportunities that lie within this space. Mobile games, when approached with this understanding of mindfulness, present a way to align with players who are in a state of receptivity - so long as they respect that mindset.

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