March 8, 2023

Odeeo's Amit Monheit on Audio's Game Marketing Revolution

Amit Monheit, CEO and co-founder of Odeeo, gives his perspective on how advertising will change in 2023 through some of the lessons from the past.

Amit Monheit was recently featured in an insightful article on how audio is revolutionizing game marketing, published by Mobidictum.  In the article, Amit shares his expert insights on the latest trends in in-game audio and how game developers and marketers can use sound to enhance player engagement and drive revenue growth.

In the article, Amit discusses how Odeeo is working to stay at the forefront of game audio innovation by offering a powerful mobile game platform that allows developers to integrate social features, real-time analytics, and monetization options with ease. 

If you're interested in hearing more about our thoughts on these topics, be sure to check out the full interview on Mobidictum.

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