November 9, 2023

Gaming Upfronts 2023: The Power of Audio Advertising Unveiled

Explore the innovative world of in-game audio advertising, connecting advertisers with diverse gaming audiences and reshaping the gaming industry.

In its biggest year yet, the IAB UK Gaming Upfronts featured the latest trends and innovations for advertisers. Team Odeeo joined with our partners at Global’s DAX to showcase the power of in-game audio advertising to the leading decision-makers in digital media. For those who couldn’t make it, we’ve compiled the most critical takeaways.

IAB Gaming Upfronts

Mobile Gaming: A Stress Reliever for All

Mobile gaming is one of the few outlets to escape our fast-paced, stress-laden world and presents a unique opportunity for advertisers. In an era defined by rising costs and relentless challenges, it offers people a well-deserved break, providing relaxation and a break from daily stressors. Research demonstrates that mobile gaming can boost players' moods and foster positivity, motivation, and tranquility. With its ability to deliver "little wins" throughout the day, gaming stands as a worthy alternative to endless scrolling and mindless distractions.

Harnessing the Power of In-Game Audio Advertising

The significance of audio in mobile gaming cannot be overstated. A staggering 72% of players opt to experience gaming with sound. In-game audio advertising don’t merely enhance the gaming experience; it creates a golden opportunity for advertisers to connect with their audience. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the realm of mobile gaming, a seamless user experience takes center stage, and audio advertising is the key. These ads effortlessly integrate into the game's natural flow, ensuring an interruption-free gaming experience. They provide not only relevant content but also seamlessly blend into the gaming environment, ensuring enjoyment and trustworthiness for gamers. Preserving brand safety is a top priority, and audio ads play a pivotal role in maintaining the gaming experience. It's a win-win scenario where gamers and advertisers alike relish a disruption-free gaming experience.


Building Stronger Advertiser Engagement and Brand Affinity

Mobile gaming opens doors for advertisers to engage with a diverse and ever-expanding audience that defies stereotypes. Gamers span various demographics and age groups, making them an invaluable community for advertisers to connect with. When executed effectively, this engagement can foster stronger brand affinity and lasting connections.

The Maturation of Digital Advertising in Mobile Gaming

Mobile in-game advertising has come a long way since the launch of the App Store. Brands are gaining a better understanding of the options available in the gaming space. As the industry standardizes, barriers related to cost and complexity are crumbling, paving the way for advertisers to access the gaming space with ease. Third-party measurement, programmatic buying, and attribution have all evolved to make in-game advertising a compelling channel on par with other large-scale digital opportunities. This maturation not only makes it more convenient for advertisers but also elevates the overall quality and effectiveness of mobile gaming advertising.


Future Horizons: Contextual Advertising in Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is on the brink of a new era defined by endless contextual opportunities. What truly sets this apart is the commitment to preserving the game's integrity, ensuring trust remains paramount. Audio ads in mobile gaming are designed to seamlessly integrate, like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly. Gamers can rest easy, knowing they won't have content thrust upon them that doesn't align with their preferences. This integration ensures an uninterrupted gaming experience akin to the radio industry's approach to authentic and organic advertising.

Gaming Upfronts 2023 showcased the immense potential of audio advertising in mobile gaming. This innovative approach not only aligns with the gaming experience but also offers a unique and engaging way for brands to connect with their audience. As the digital capabilities of mobile gaming advertising continue to mature, in-game advertising presents an exciting opportunity for brands to make meaningful connections and boost brand affinity with a diverse audience. Mobile gaming is not just a game changer; it's a new frontier for advertising, powered by the undeniable influence of in-game audio advertising.

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