September 27, 2023

Event Insights: Mobidictum Istanbul & WN Cyprus

Our team shares key takeaways and trends shaping the future of gaming and advertising from their recent experiences at Mobidictum Conference and WN Cyprus

September continued to be an incredible month for the Odeeo Team as our sales and customer success teams embarked on a tour of the gaming and advertising universe. Their journey took them from Istanbul to Limassol, where they had the privilege of attending the Mobidictum Conference and the WN Cyprus events. In this blog, our team has put together the key takeaways from the latest round of conferences.

Embracing the Hybrid Casual Shift

In recent years, the gaming landscape has witnessed an evolution known as the "Hybrid Casual Shift." This transformation is changing how users engage with and stay connected to the gaming world.

Traditionally, game developers and publishers focused on distinct gaming genres, such as casual or hardcore. However, the Hybrid Casual Shift is blurring these lines, creating games that bridge these categories. This shift accommodates casual gamers within more immersive gaming experiences while preserving casual play's core attributes.

Consequently, game studios now face the challenge of retaining users who may not typically engage with games for extended periods. Maintaining KPIs like playtime while ensuring a user-friendly and enjoyable experience has become crucial.

Check out Sunday's Head of Publishing Balaji Vijayan talking about Hybrid Casual here:


The Rise of Openness to New Ad Formats

The gaming industry's rapid growth and increasing competitiveness have prompted publishers and developers to reassess their advertising strategies. User Acquisition, a vital aspect of game promotion, has become costlier than ever. To stay ahead, gaming companies are embracing openness to innovative ad formats.

This shift stems from the need to revamp existing ad strategies. Many game studios have found that their current methods may not effectively engage audiences in an ever-evolving gaming ecosystem. Consequently, they are eager to experiment with fresh, creative ad formats.

Openness to new ad formats is also a response to the evolving gaming landscape. Gamers now seek immersive and engaging experiences beyond gameplay. Traditional ads like banners and pop-ups may no longer suffice. Game publishers are exploring interactive, contextually relevant advertising solutions to captivate their audiences.

In-game audio advertising stands out as a promising option in this new era of advertising openness. Its ability to seamlessly blend with the gaming environment and deliver brand messages in a non-disruptive manner aligns perfectly with gamers' changing expectations. As publishers and developers search for innovative ways to connect with their audience, in-game audio advertising offers an exciting avenue to explore.

Innovation Needs to Meet Fun

These shifts in the gaming industry underscore the need for adaptable advertising strategies that resonate with evolving gamer preferences. As the gaming world continues to evolve, advertisers & publishers must stay agile and explore new avenues to effectively connect with their target audiences.

Stay tuned for more event recaps as the Odeeo team hits the road in October for events on both sides of the Atlantic.

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