August 29, 2023

5 Questions With Rohan Premnath

Explore our EMEA Commercial Lead Rohan's journey, conquering industry challenges. Uncover his secret recipe for work-life balance in our insightful series.

Welcome to our brand new blog series called "5 Questions With". We're excited to introduce you to some of the amazing people who work at Odeeo! In this series, we'll be asking them five important and fun questions to learn more about their roles, insights, and passions for the audio advertising and gaming industries. We hope you'll enjoy getting to know them just as much as we do!

To kick off our series, we'd like to introduce Rohan Premnath, Odeeo’s Commercial Lead for EMEA. Rohan is deeply passionate about digital audio and gaming and has a proven track record of delivering results for top agencies and brands at companies like AdsWizz and Spotify. We can't wait to see how his contributions help us reach new heights, but before that, let's jump into the questions!


1. What motivated you to join Odeeo, and what are your main goals for this role?


I’m super excited to continue to grow the in-game audio space with Odeeo, a company that I’ve long admired. There were many things that motivated me to join Odeeo - the innovation-focused culture, the vision and strategy for the space, working with market leaders in audio such as DAX/Global and AnyEver, and of course, working alongside the amazing and passionate people here! My main goal is to bring more advertisers to the Odeeo platform and in-game audio space, to evangelize the power of mobile gaming and audience to agencies and the wider industry, and to ultimately position in-game audio alongside radio, streaming and podcasts audio advertising.

2. What are some of the current trends or challenges in the advertising and gaming industries, and how does Odeeo address them?


With digital audio now a staple within the media mix, advertisers and agencies are demanding new and innovative ways to reach both current and new audiences. Odeeo unlocks a highly engaging, context-led opportunity to reach these mainstream audiences through mobile games On the other side of the coin, gaming publishers now have the ability to drive improved, more efficient and more user-focused monetization across their games through Odeeo’s unique SDK integrations. As a whole, Odeeo are at the forefront of driving this innovation across digital audio and building a new, unique and performance-driven audio solution for the industry.

3.What are some of the key learnings or insights you gained from your previous roles, and how do you apply them to your current work?

Having joined Spotify at an early stage, I’ve seen firsthand the growth of a platform and medium from ‘new innovation’ through to ‘must buy’. With both streaming and podcasting having exploded in the past 10 years, driven by the growth in Spotify as a platform, I can see the similarities and potential with in-game audio. The need to focus on education first, to selectively partner with innovation-leading brands, to work collaboratively with industry bodies and partners, to become a key pillar to audio planning; in-game audio has the potential to be as impactful as streaming, radio and podcasting, and play a core role alongside the wider media mix to help brands create more value amongst their audiences. We’re lucky that digital audio is now embedded within brands' marketing strategies, and we’re able to lead innovation within the space by bringing this new medium to the mainstream.

4. How do you balance your work and personal life, especially when working remotely or traveling frequently? What are some of the hobbies or interests you enjoy outside of work?


Balancing work and personal life has always been a challenge and will continue to do so. I’m lucky to work in an industry that I’m truly passionate about, and for a company that puts its people first, which makes balancing these two worlds much easier! To me, it’s about ensuring that I give 110% percent to my work every day, and knowing when to switch off and give 110% to my family and personal life. Spending time on the golf course, keeping active and spending time with the people who matter most to me allow me to recharge and continue to come to work with energy and passion every day.

5. What are some of the myths or misconceptions about audio advertising or gaming that you would like to debunk or clarify?


It’s been great to see many of the myths around audio advertising be proven wrong over the past 10 years that I’ve been working in the space. But with advertising within gaming, we’re very much just at the start of this journey. We at Odeeo understand that there is a lot of work needed to educate our brand advertisers, clients, partners, and the wider industry on the nuances of mobile gaming, where mobile gaming fits within the wider gaming ecosystem and the true power of reaching this audience through digital audio. By focusing on educating the industry, we’re looking forward to highlighting the true audience of mobile gaming and the unique and powerful ways in which creativity can deliver exceptional experiences.


Bonus Question: What kind of games do you enjoy playing the most and why? 


I’ve always loved gaming, with a few of my favorites over the years being Super Mario on the Gameboy, Championship Manager on the PC, GoldenEye on the N64, and Fifa and Call of Duty on the PlayStation. Now that time is a little more precious, I love playing mobile games that I can dip in and out of throughout the day to relax, be stimulated, and be excited, especially the more traditional games such as Tetris and Solitaire. 


That’s all for our first edition! We hope you had a blast getting to know Rohan! If you'd like to connect with him, feel free to say hello on LinkedIn. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates on our 5 Questions With series. You won’t want to miss the next one!

Thank you for reading, and see you next time🤘

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